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Appennino Food

The truffle, an underground treasure that only develops in soil with specific, perfectly balanced characteristics. Only some areas in Italy can boast of giving life to the Truffle: ours is one of them. Inspired by tradition we process these raw materials wisely and carefully in our range of products designed for practical and immediate use in the kitchen.

Acetaia Bellei

Founded in the 19th century, Acetaia Bellei increased its production to meet the diverse needs of the market for the past 25 years. Its production requires the use of grapes from only 7 typical varieties of Emilia Romagna, the only ones that can give the product its characteristic sweet and sour taste: Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana, Fortana and Montuni.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has obtained the protection of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication PGI - Reg EC No 583/2009) by the European Union since 3rd July 2009.


Founded by Quorum Internacional, Bonvallis is a Spanish cheese manufacturers’ association aimed at preserving and supporting the traditional art of Spanish cheese making.

Bonvallis and its associates guarantee direct access to a large range of specialities carefully manufactured in the different regions of Spain. Unique cheeses elaborated using age-old production methods, fresh milk from local breeds, combined with the distinctive vegetation and climate of each region.

Ernest Soulard

Founded in 1936, Ernest SOULARD is located in l'Oie in the Vendée. With its warm climate, this region of France is seen as the ideal area for breeding and rearing ducks.

The Vendée is the 1st region for the production of Barbary ducks in France.

Huileries de Lapalisse

The history of the Huileries de Lapalisse started in 1898 in the heart of the Bourbonnais region with ABEL PAILLARD, master oil producer. For 30 years he made his mark and developed remarkable walnut oils.

ABEL CHEVIER, grandson of Abel Pailard successfully modernizing the production tools he cultivated a taste for independence.

The Huileries de Lapalisse is now recognized among the best and produces a large range of vegetable oils, rapeseed, sunflower, peanuts and sweet corn.


A family tradition founded at the end of the 19th century, Joselito is 100% family owned company and is now run by their 5th generation. Joselito owns a first-class breeding farm for free range Iberian pig stock. With more than 100 years of experience and devotion to quality, it is no doubt that Joselito have received international recognition. The 100% natural curing process, together with the firm’s century old tradition of excellence in the sector, have garnered Joselito the distinction as the “best cured ham in the world”.

La Gondola

La Gondola Cannery was founded by Italians who brought to Matosinhos, north of Portugal, the first canning industries in 1940. By investing in a new plant in the 80s, La Gondola decided to throw to a production of diverse preserves. The company's guidelines remain in high quality products. With the beginning of the century. XXI, the growth of gourmet space has brand products increasingly popular and desirable in various markets. Internationalization: 80% of manufactured products are for the export market, and is present in multiple countries, embracing several continents. Future: With an annual production volume of 5 million units, the La Gondola aims growth, while remaining true to traditional manufacturing principles.


Meltique Beef’s unique technique uses a highly developed method of inserting soluble oil into lean meat cuts to baste the meat internally through the cooking process.

This ensures that all the natural juices are retained so its full flavour profile and the tenderness of Australian beef are consistently delivered.

Our method perfects the traditional French ‘larding’ process and applies it successfully to a range of primal frozen beef products at very competitive prices.

Montefiore Cheese

Montefiore take pride in creating the very highest quality Italian-style cheeses for the Australian market.

Its’ cheeses feature the finest in fresh, natural ingredients and are made in the time-honoured, traditional Italian way.

The combination of nutrition, texture and taste are testament to their commitment to producing only the very best.


Founded in 1920 by Antoine Monteil, it specialises in the shipment of mushrooms, fresh or processed.

Since its inception, the company has experienced a very important development, while maintaining its primary objective of restoring to consumer the flavour of a natural product.

Monteil dedicated to continuous research works and innovations in order to meet the changing needs of consumers.


Morelli Pasta Factory was founded in 1860. Through years of using the wheat germ ingredient, the ancient Morelli Pasta Factory has succeeded in obtaining pasta with a unique and delicious taste. It selects the best semolina, which is processed according to craft technique.

The pastas can be found in prestigious shops both in Italy and abroad.

Mrs Bridges

The unique Mrs Bridges range of exclusive food and gifts preserves the taste and class of its namesakes’ original recipes. Mrs Bridges charming portfolio of luxury products retains more than a touch of tradition – from the classic packaging to the time honoured recipes and methods used to create a superior range of the fine foods.

Choose from an extensive collection of marmalades, preserves, mustards, chutneys and old fashioned boiled sweets. Mrs Bridges range of luxury gifts includes traditional boxes, baskets, hampers and our well established “house” packs.


A major player in the pâté producing sector, Nauta produces
quality products tailor made to the needs of the customer. Taste and quality are central to their production philosophy. Preparations are delicious, safe and reliable, and made according to a family recipe. To ensure excellence,
Nauta strives every day for continuous improvement and innovation of its products, production environment and processes. Therefore, Nauta follows the strictest guidelines of the International Food Standard (IFS) and the HACCP food safety regulations.


For three generations Nauta has been making pâtés with respect for tradition, taste and quality. Only the best pork and livers are selected, which are first of all thoroughly checked and then processed in extremely hygienic conditions. Nauta only uses premium quality ingredients and flavour their mixtures with herbs according to an age old family recipe. The terrines are then placed in an oven and gently baked to give the pâté a unique, delicious flavour with a velvety texture.

Percheron Freres

For more than a century Percheron has perpetuated the tradition of exceptional vinegars produced from the best raw materials and carefully aged and flavoured.

Percheron vinegars and mustards offer gourmets an essential range for fine cuisine.

Renzini - Alta Norcineria

With great passion and keen entrepreneurial spirit, Renzini has created products that, while respecting tradition, were distinctively different from those currently on the market.

Sher Wagyu

Established in 1991, the Sher family produce F1 Wagyu x Holstein and Fullblood Wagyu beef to supply discerning customers around the world.

Australian Wagyu beef produced by the Sher family is the ultimate eating experience. The beef is delicious, tender and juicy with superb flavour.

Sher Wagyu has been recognised by Australia's leading chefs.



  • 2009 Gold medal in Australian produce awards

  • 2010 Gold medal in Australian produce awards

  • 2011 Gold medal in Australian produce awards


Since its establishment in 1842, Ybarra Group has marketed oils, vinegars, mayonnaises and sauces in Spanish, Latin American and North American markets. It is one of the first olive oil manufacturers to receive ISO 9002 certificate in 1995. Other than Ybarra brand, the group also incorporates the brands “La hacienda de Ybarra” and “Ybarra Gourmet”.

Ybarra’s wide variety of products is complemented by efficient sales management, run using a modern logistics system. This system enables the company to reach both its local and international operations. Their main factory is located in Dos Hermanas, Seville, and includes manufacturing and packing plants for a large portion of its products.



  • 1876 Quality Award at the Philadelphia (US) Fair


A myth called Zuarina… the company is named after the company founder’s wife. This was a particular name for a girl born in 1873; a unique, distinguishing and important name full of history, just like the ham that still today bears that name...a ham not easy to forget. 

Everything started about 150 years ago in Langhirano, which soon became the land of ham and ham lovers’ destination, synonymous with the best Parma ham, oft and delicate, of a proverbial quality and with an unmistakable taste. 

Zuarina ham is still produced according to ancient rules: first of all the raw material is carefully selected, then the salting process is carried out, followed by a perfect curing process. Simple yet effective rules that have ensured the success of the product all over the world: from the United States to Japan, from China to Russia.

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