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Caotina is a premium chocolate drink made with rich, delicious Swiss chocolate, available in three varieties (original, blanc and noir), enriched with seven vitamins and two minerals. Drink it hot, drink it cold, drink it any time or anywhere, and enjoy its burst of flavour and boost of sweet energy! 

Cristo di Campobello

Of noble Agrigento Lineage, the Bonetta family has been farming along the southern coast of Sicily's Agrigento region - known as the "valley of the Temples" - since before modern records were kept. A modern facility & approach are utilized in tending to the Bonetta family's ancient vineyards, some of which are literally centuries old.


Planted to indigenous varietals such as Nero d'Avola & Grillo, as well as Chardonnay & Syrah, winemaker Carmello Bonetta produces tiny volumes of hand-crafted wines which display regional & varietal typicality, as well as balanced and profoundly nuanced aromas and flavors.

Gryphon Tea

The Gryphon Tea Company was founded in 2006 with a mission to make high-quality, gourmet teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers seeking new taste experiences. The company rose rapidly in the marketplace as a gourmet tea maverick and evangelist.

Built on passion and fuelled by the rich culture of Asia, each tea blend encompasses the rich heritage of unique Asian ingredients that delight the astute tea drinker with a tantalizing journey on the palate.


Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, illycaffè produces and sells a unique blend of high quality coffee made from 9 types of pure Arabica beans with a careful balance of ingredients from South and Central America, India and Africa hence creating the unmistakable illy flavour. The illy blend is now sold in over 140 countries, across 5 continents. Served in more than 100,000 public establishments, illy around the world means more than 6 million cups are consumed each day.

In 1991, Illy introduced ‘The Quality Award for Brazil Espresso Coffee’. The program becomes a force in establishing Brazil’s reputation as high-quality producer, bringing sustainable enterprise and higher incomes to many farmers.


Here are some of illy’s achievements:


ISO 9001

In 1996, illy was Europe’s first coffee company to earn the highly-regarded ISO 9001certification, attesting to adherence to strict quality requirements throughout its production system.

ISO 14001

illy earned ISO 14001 certification in 2003, an international standard, applicable to all types of enterprise that establishes a management system’s effectiveness in monitoring the environmental impact of company activities.  The goal is to encourage systematic improvements in a coherent, effective, and above all, sustainable manner.

ISO 50001

illycaffè obtained ISO 50001 certification in 2015.

ISO 50001 is based on the systematic approach to energy management, which enables the continual improvement of energy performance. This facilitates the integration of energy management into our global efforts to improve quality and environmental management, in the interests of sustainability.


This independent French body certifies that a company’s production protocols comply with predetermined specifications, toward ensuring optimal consumer satisfaction.  illy’s compliance was certified in 1992.


illy obtained EMAS registration 2004, voluntarily agreeing to continuous reductions in the environmental impact of its industrial activities.  Just one year later, illy earned the organization’s annual award for commitment to production-related environmental improvement.

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